Employer Forum 2021

The Employer Forum 2021 was held virtually this year. A list of the companies that took part in each panel, and their contact details are below:

Science Communication  

SAW Trust Jenni Rant: jenni.rant@jic.ac.uk
ssDNAfrica Isabel Diez:  Isabel.Diez-Santos@jic.ac.uk  info.ssdnafrica@gmail.com
Costello Medical Charli Andrews:  recruitment@costellomedical.com; charli.andrews@costellomedical.com
JIC Comms Felicity Perry: felicity.perry@jic.ac.uk

Widening Horizons 

Broads Authority Andrew Kelly: andrea.kelly@broads-authority.gov.uk
Plastic Oceans Geoff Brighty: geoff@plasticoceans.uk
Aviva Bob Muir: robert.muir@aviva.com
Civil Service Hannah Brown: hannah.brown2@faststream.civilservice.gov.uk

Industry Research 

MyDNAHealth Bernie Williams: info@mydnahealth.co.uk ; bernie@mydnahealth.co.uk
RAGT seeds John Baison; jbaison@ragt.fr
Tropic Bioscience Hugh Aldis:  hugh.aldis@tropicbioscience.com
Colorfix Alicia Russell/Alexandra Ting alicia.russell@colorifix.com; alexandra.ting@colorifix.com
Cambioscience Michelle Ware: michelle@cambioscience.com

Organisations Supporting Research & Commerce 

Hethel Innovation Imogen Shipperlee:  ishipperlee@hethelinnovation.com
IP21 Richard Jones: richardjones@ip21.com
Public Health England Simon Funnell: simon.funnell@phe.gov.uk
Food Standards Agency Ben Goodall: Ben.Goodall@food.gov.uk
UEA RIN Faye Outram: f.outram@uea.ac.uk
Ximbio  Lorna Ravenhill: lorna.ravenhill@ximbio.com

Where the host has given permission, a copy of the slides they presented on the day is available below.


2021- PIPS placements with ssDNAfrica


Costello Medical


Broads Authority

Civil Service


Tropic Bioscience