Associate Partners

The NRP Biosciences DTP Programme brings together 11 Associate Partners with academic and non-academic specialisms to support the provision of PhD research training of exceptional quality across all scientific themes and strategic priorities of the UKRI-BBSRC




  • Agri-TechE

    Agri-TechE supports the growth of a world-leading network of innovative farmers, food producers and processors, technologists and entrepreneurs with the vision of improving productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture and horticulture.

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  • Food Standards Agency

    The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is an independent Government department working across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to protect public health and consumers' wider interests in food.

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  • IBM Research UK

    IBM Research UK is pioneering the most promising and disruptive technologies to transform industries and society, including the future of AI, blockchain and quantum computing.

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  • UK Health Security Agency

    The UK Health Security Agency is responsible for protecting every member of every community from the impact of infectious diseases, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents and other health threats.

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  • Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

    Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is a global resource for plant and fungal knowledge. Its unique combination of extensive collections, databases, scientific expertise and global partnerships is pivotal for its leading role in facilitating access to a wealth of fundamental plant and fungal information.

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  • The SAW Trust

    The SAW Trust was founded with development funding from the John Innes Foundation, BBSRC and UEA and is now self-funding. The Trust specialises in bringing together scientists, artists and writers to collaborate on science-themed projects delivered in schools.

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