Student Biographies

Find out more about some of the past and present students studying with the Doctoral Training Partnership.

  • Jeff Ojwach

    2022 Cohort. Project: Bacterial DMSP synthesis and catabolism in seagrass and methane cycling in anoxic Blakeney sediment

  • Caroline Jarvis

    2022 Cohort. Project: Location, location, location – how genome position affects gene expression

  • Jonathan Ashworth

    2022 Cohort. Project: Biodiversity, wellbeing and colour: wildflower genomics to inform the creation of new habitats

  • Susannah Gill

    2021 Cohort. Project: Looking for novel beetle resistance in mustard plants

  • Ellie Hyde

    2021 cohort. Project: Controlling Protein-Protein Interactions in Transcription Factors

  • Gurpinder Singh Sidhu

    2021 Cohort. Project : When crops grow up - determining the regulatory control of developmental transitions in Brassicas

  • Ho Yu Liu

    2021 Cohort. Project: Adapt or die? Understanding how bacterial bioflms evolve under stress

  • Caroline Stone

    2020 Cohort. Project: A helping hand: signal transduction in plant immunity

  • Michael Pointer

    2019 Cohort. Project: Why are pests so successful? The evolutionary ecology of colonisation and spread

  • Rebecca Casson

    2018 Cohort. Project: Directing biosynthesis of bioactive triterpenes for pharmaceutical applications

  • Summer Rosonovski

    2017 Cohort. Project: Unravelling DNA’s Mysterious Structures: Developing Probes to Target c-Myc i-Motif DNA