Working with Us

The NRPDTP provides an excellent environment for postgraduate research and skills development. Students who join the NRPDTP are supported with excellent supervisory support, a fantastic training programme, state of the art facilities, and a strong vibrant community.

Below are some examples of how non-academic organisations might consider engaging with the programme to help train the highly-skilled workforce of the future and to support your research and staff development.

1. Fund or co-fund a studentship
Co-develop a research project in collaboration with an NRPDTP academic supervisor to address a research question in your area. You define a research project relevant to your sector and an NRPDTP Partner. A typical 4-year PhD studentship costs approximately £110k. The NRPDTP can co-fund a research project on a 50:50 basis.

2. Collaborative research
Work with our supervisors to develop a PhD research project to be funded through our NRPDTP funded CASE scheme. This provides you with the opportunity to have a paid, skilled postgraduate student work on research at an NRPDTP Partner institution and your organisation. The placement with you can be between three and 18 months.

3. Host an NRPDTP PIPS (Professional Internships for PhD Students)
An opportunity to have skilled postgraduate students to work in your organisation for three months. This is not related to their doctoral research; for example, placements can be in communication, marketing, media, analysis, policy, education, etc. This provides you with an opportunity to market your organisation amongst our postgraduate research community. Students continue to receive their stipend and up to £1000 towards costs. The host normally supports travel and subsistence. More than 100 hosts have participated in our scheme and some of our students have been recruited by their PIPS host after graduation.
Contact: NRPDTP Placement Coordinator

4. Participate in the NRPDTP PIPS Host Forum
Each year we hold a PIPS Host Forum where hosts organisations come to meet up with NRPDTP PhD students who are looking for a PIPS placement. The event comprises general networking sessions as well as one-to-one interviews.
Contact: NRPDTP Placement Coordinator

5. Training opportunities and staff development
Work with us on training pathways and training activities to support the skills development of postgraduates for the job market. This provides a potential recruitment mechanism and staff development opportunities.