Project: Controlling Protein-Protein Interactions in Transcription Factors

Supervisor: Dr Andrew Beekman

During my BSc in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery at UEA, I worked on research projects in pharmacology and chemistry, this motivated me to apply for a PhD that would allow me to apply these skills.

My PhD has introduced me to the interesting structural features of proteins and peptides and the different interactions they have in health and disease. I enjoy a good puzzle, so trialling and optimising the synthesis of peptides, proteins and small molecules has been an exciting challenge, supported by the highly skilled scientists across the Norwich Research Park.

The DTP has encouraged me to look beyond my own project through access to training modules that have broadened my perspective on the impact of my research. I’ve learnt about how I can apply my science to the wider society, government policy and artificial intelligence. I’ve loved the community these training sessions have created with the other students in my cohort, who are incredibly enthusiastic about science and supportive of everyone in the program.

Through my PIPS I have also had to opportunity to travel to Australia to learn about new international research and science communication.