Student Biographies

Click on the images below to read the biographies of some of the past and present students studying with the Doctoral Training Partnership.

Sam Rowe

Project: Solar Powered Microbes for Renewable Hydrogen

Supervisor: Professor Julea Butt

Before pursuing postgraduate research at the UEA, I completed an MSci Chemistry degree at Imperial College London. As an undergraduate, I covered a range of material and developed a particular interest in synthetic biology and solar energy conversion. Summer placements gave me the opportunity to work in a research laboratory and subsequently inspired me to undertake a PhD.

My project combines my major areas of interest, allowing me to expand my knowledge of novel disciplines whilst continuing to build upon my chemistry background. It involves the construction of a bacterial system capable of harnessing energy from the sun for the production of useful chemicals, such as hydrogen.

The professional internship, as part of the NRPDTP, will demonstrate the interdisciplinary skills acquired from postgraduate study. I look forward to working with a company outside of a university environment and gaining valuable experience which will be beneficial to my future career.

The BBSRC-funded NRP DTP offers more than a typical PhD. I will be able to work on an inspiring research project at the UEA as well as enhance a variety of complementary skills during my internship.