Student Biographies

Find out more about some of the past and present students studying with the Doctoral Training Partnership.

**This page is currently under construction**

  • Lucy Burrows

    Project: Coiled-coil proteins as nano-wire scaffolds for in vitro and in vivo synthetic biology applications

  • Agatha Treveil

    Project: Networking Bifidobacterium: integrating omics modelling and experimental validation to understand beneficial traits

  • Elizabeth Chapman

    Project: Balancing the genetics of source and sink to increase productivity of bread wheat

  • Lucka Bibic

    Project: Probing the hidden secrets behind G-protein Coupled Receptor Dimerization

  • Summer Rosonovski

    Project: Unravelling DNA’s Mysterious Structures: Developing Probes to Target c-Myc i-Motif DNA

  • Rebecca Casson

    Project: Directing biosynthesis of bioactive triterpenes for pharmaceutical applications

  • Michael Pointer

    Project: Why are pests so successful? The evolutionary ecology of colonisation and spread

  • Danny Ward

    Project: Control of Type III-mediated Virulence by Cyclic-di-GMP in Pseudomonas