The Global Science Show: Science with Summer DNA Edition

The Global Science show is a virtual science festival on Twitter that’s aims to share global science, run by Sam Langford (@scottishscicomm, @GlobalSciShow). DTP student Summer Rosonovski made a video aimed at the general public explaining what DNA is, what DNA does, why it is important, and briefly touched on its uses in research.

The video was posted directly on Summer’s twitter at the time she was allocated for showcasing her science along with a link to a longer video where  she takes people through DNA extraction of strawberries on her newly created ‘Science with Summer’ YouTube channel. Summer took part in this virtual science festival to inform the public on DNA and provide children (and adults!) the opportunity to do some hands on science at home that supported the topic spoken about in her video.

Summer’s videos have received support on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and Summer has engaged with the public over social media who have tried the experiment at home. “I have received great feedback on how much they loved the videos and that they want me to make more science experiments videos for at home science experiments”, says Summer.

Summer’s videos are available on her youtube channel: