“The JIC, and NRP as a whole, is a fantastic place to work and study. There’s a definite sense that you’re joining a truly world leading research institute.”

Project: Elucidating the function of a molecular weapon from the plant destroyer P. infestans.
Supervisor: Dr Mark Banfield (JIC)

I was brought up with a real passion for the natural world and have always been fascinated by whole organisms. However, during my time as an undergraduate at the University of Leeds I realised just how wonderful the field of molecular biology is. Going on to doctoral study was an easy choice to make. I enjoyed learning about Biology so much it felt like more of a natural progression than a career decision. The only real thought I had to give it was what would my PhD be in?

In the end I chose the project at the John Innes Centre in order to join what I feel is a very vibrant, dynamic research group which currently uses a set of techniques I thought would benefit me in my future career. My project is to investigate how, at a molecular level, a specific effector protein secreted by P. infestans is able to interfere with host immune response in order to facilitate infection with the ultimate goal of developing resistance.