Project: Coiled-coil proteins as nano-wire scaffolds for in vitro and in vivo synthetic biology applications
Supervisor: Dr Gabriella Kelemen

I first became interested in science when I was at high school where I was very fortunate to have an excellent science teacher. I was given the opportunity to conduct a small plant based experiment which I presented at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition as part of their outreach in school’s program. This led to me choosing Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A level and a subsequent application to study Biochemistry at University.


During my Undergraduate degree at UEA I continued to develop my research and Laboratory skills by being involved in several projects. This included representing UEA at an undergraduate synthetic biology competition (iGEM) in 2013 and conducting an internship at UEA in the summer of 2015. During my degree, I became aware of the importance of Outreach and Public Engagement in science. I have carried this passion forward into my PhD with the BBSRC DTP at UEA.


My project is very dynamic and I feel satisfied I will achieve a lot during my 4 year programme as it is BBSRC DTP funded. The DTP not only gives me experience in scientific and academic research but it also has an excellent training programme which will provide me with a broad range of skills.