Project title: Adapt or die? Understanding how bacterial bioflms evolve under stress

Supervisor: Mark Webber

Whilst at school, I harboured an interest in both biology and chemistry. So, after my A – levels, I decided to study Biochemistry as I felt that its broad and interdisciplinary nature would allow me to experience the best of both worlds, and it was during this time that I was properly introduced to the world of microbiology. My undergraduate project was on ‘antimicrobial microbes’, and I explored whether the phylogeny of Serratia liquefaciens would affect their resistance to Myxobacteria.

After my BSc, I decided to study for an MRes in Medical and Molecular Biosciences as I wanted to develop further knowledge in scientific research but still wanted to keep things broad. During my MRes, I set my mind on doing a PhD as I loved conducting my own research, and I also knew that I wanted to research antimicrobial resistance, which led me to my current PhD project on the NRPDTP programme. I chose to do my PhD with the NRPDTP as the close links between all the different institutes on the Norwich Research Park meant that there would be many opportunities for collaboration. Additionally, the DTP offers various training and career development opportunities, allowing me to develop skills outside of my PhD project.

Prior to starting my PhD, I had never been to Norwich and wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I can now say that Norwich is a beautiful city; for me, it is perfectly balanced. Norwich has the convenience of being in a city, but is not too built up, with plenty of historical buildings in addition to green spaces.