Eleftheria Trampari

I was impressed by the standard of research conducted at the John Innes Centre and decided to apply for the DTP PhD programme as it gives you the chance to experience different working fields.”

Project: Analysis of bacterial signalling networks that operate during plant root colonization
Supervisor: Dr Jacob Malone (JIC)

I first became aware of the field of Biotechnology as a high school pupil and was inspired to study at the Agricultural University of Athens. Working within the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology gave me the opportunity to indulge my love of nature with the discipline of Biotechnology.

From the first year of my undergraduate studies, I particularly enjoyed working with microbes and so I continued in the microbiology field through to the completion of my MSc degree. Having spent three months of my undergraduate studies at the John Innes Centre I was highly impressed by the standard of research conducted at the institute and set myself the goal of joining their PhD programme.

I am delighted to say that my studies and ambition have allowed me to join Jacob Malone’s research group as a PhD student. However to become fully-rounded and versatile scientist I strongly believe that I should pursue opportunities to work in different fields. The NRPDTP programme is a unique chance to experience new fields and reveal new horizons.