Project: Control of Type III-mediated Virulence by Cyclic-di-GMP in Pseudomonas
Supervisor: Dr. Jacob Malone

I studied for my undergraduate degree in biological sciences at the University of Reading. This was then followed by a masters degree in biotechnology at the University of Leeds. It was during both that I gained a real interest in research science. This led to me pursuing a PhD.

My research looks at the type III secretion system, a molecular nanomachine that certain virulent bacteria use to infect their targets. I am unpicking the mechanistic details of a novel regulatory mechanism of this system involved in plant and human infection. I chose the NRPDTP as it is well equipped to support me and my goals throughout my studies.

Over the course of my PhD, I have engaged with various science communication and outreach activities. I discovered a new appreciation for sharing science with others. Other highlights include a 3-month ‘PIPS’ professional internship and i-Teams, an enterprise and innovation scheme. These helped me to develop a variety of skills and experiences outside of the lab.

I chose the NRPDTP as the programme puts students first. The program is committed to supporting students and is dedicated to developing highly skilled researchers in their respective fields.