Cohort Meetings

The DTP cohort meets regularly throughout the year. In the first year of study this comprises four contact sessions in which students present their research projects. The number of sessions is reduced in years 2, 3 and 4 of the programme, as other commitments increase, however at least one contact session is retained. These meetings provide fora in which to discuss any matters relevant to the programme and students. Cohort colloquia allow students to develop a real sense of community and to share and discuss research projects – encouraging interdisciplinary development and opportunities.

The DTP holds a conference every year, usually in June. The conference is a combined cohort event, during which all current cohorts come together. The conference presents alternating themes from year to year, incorporating BBSRC’s research themes: Frontier Bioscience, Bioscience for an Integrated Understanding of Health, Bioscience for Renewable Resources and Clean Growth, Bioscience for Sustainable Agriculture and Food. The conference incorporates a number of speakers as well as an interactive component. The conference also gives students an opportunity to learn more about bioscience outside their area of expertise.


Dates of scheduled cohort training can be found on the mandatory training schedule available as a PDF download.