Student Stories

As part of the programme students undertake a 12 week professional internship (PIPS) in an area unrelated to their PhD. CASE students are also required to spend at least 12 weeks with their CASE partner. The following case studies are an example of the experiences that our students have had whilst on their placement.

  • Lučka hones communication skills during internship with Naked Scientists

    Lučka Bibič | University of East Anglia

    Lučka Bibič, a student at UEA, spent her 3 month internship at the Naked Scientists in Cambridge from June to September 2016. Lučka hoped to address one of her biggest weaknesses; verbal...

  • Tharsini relishes internship with Stratagem IP

    Tharsini Sivapalan | The Quadram Institute

    Tharsini Sivapalan, a student at the Institute of Food Research (IFR), wanted to get an insight into intellectual property (IP) law so spent her 12 week internship at Stratagem IP, an intellectual...

  • Sam embarks on historical research at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

    Sam Ellis | The Quadram Institute

    Samuel Ellis decided to undertake his PIPS placement at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, a museum run by Norfolk County Council. Sam, a student at the Institute of Food Research, spent 12 weeks at...

  • Internship with The Company of Biologists gives Irene new insight

    Irene Pla Navaro | University of East Anglia

    Irene Pla-Navarro wanted to gain an insight into an alternative career path to research and challenge herself in a business style working environment. Irene, a student in the School of Biological...

  • Rachel gains an insight into work in a hospital environment

    Rachel Piddock | University of East Anglia

    Rachel Piddock, a student at UEA, hoped to gain an insight into the procedures involved in the running of a hospital department, with a focus on medical testing and auditing. A PIPS internship...

  • Ben develops his programming skills with an internship at Proxama

    Ben Kirkup | University of East Anglia

    Ben Kirkup wanted to increase his knowledge of programming languages and exposure to industry best practice for software development from his internship. Proxama, an international mobile commerce...