Tharsini Sivapalan

Project: How does dietary sulforaphane maintain cellular homeostasis and help promote health?
Supervisor: Professor Richard Mithen

From an early age I enjoyed learning about genetics and the underlying cause of diseases which contributed towards me developing an interest to pursue a BSc in Biochemistry at King’s College London.

After learning about human metabolism and nutrition in more detail, I decided to undertake an MRes in Clinical Research in Human Nutrition at Imperial College London. My BSc and MRes projects allowed me to gain deeper insight into the application of science in a research context, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This led me to undertake further scientific research, focused on the effects of sulforaphane found in broccoli on cellular homeostasis, offered as a PhD programme at the reputed Institute of Food Research.

This PhD enables me to apply my background in research and combine my expertise in biochemistry and nutrition. Another desirable aspect of the studentship is the professional developmental programme, which allows me to develop my skills as a researcher and the opportunity to explore areas outside of science whilst undertaking a 3-month internship.