Project:The role of purinergic signalling in adipocyte differentiation and adipose inflammation.
Supervisor:Dr Samuel Fountain

Science has always fascinated me and this fascination encouraged me to pursue a degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Essex. During my final year at university, I was able to get my first experience of life in research when I completed my undergraduate project in a molecular virology laboratory. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and although I chose to work for a year as a Biomedical Scientist at Colchester General Hospital post-graduation, my passion for research never left me. This passion drove my desire to pursue a career in research and this is what in inspired me to undertake a PhD at UEA.

My PhD will involve characterisation of the purinoceptors present on human adipocytes and then an investigation into the role that these receptors and their signalling pathways play in adipocyte differentiation and inflammation.