Sebastian Pfeilmeier

Project: Activation and evasion of plant innate immunity by commensal and pathogenic bacteria
Supervisor: Cyril Zipfel (TSL), Jacob Malone (JIC), Rob Field (JIC)

In my academic career I acquired a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. degree in Molecular Biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich. My research focused mainly on protein biochemistry, microbiology and plant biology.

The laboratory work during my Masters thesis was very inspiring and fostered my interest in microbe-plant interaction processes. Parallel to my biological Masters studies, I also pursued a Masters’ degree in Philosophy of Science and Technology, where I studied epistemology, ethics, and the communication and public perception of science. Although this helps me to place my research in a larger context within science and society, my main interest lies in actual scientific research on plant biology.

Doing my PhD at The Sainsbury Laboratory and John Innes Centre gives me the chance to do cutting-edge research and work along with excellent scientists. These institutes attract people from all over the world sharing the same fascination for science and I am happy to work as part of an international team in a productive and inspiring atmosphere.

My project on microbe-plant interaction and the immune signalling pathway fits exactly in my scientific interests and I am honoured to contribute with my expertise and dedication to its success.