Project: The role of miRNAs in Neural Crest development.
Supervisor: Dr Grant Wheeler

Before commencing my undergraduate Biology degree I had gained a passion for biological sciences as a whole. It was only through a 12-week summer placement based at the Norwich research park (NRP) that I established that my interests lay within developmental biology. Consequence of this, I applied for a project which I felt was at the forefront of its scientific field, that field being an understanding of neural crest cell development.

Despite being offered PhD placements from alternative universities I chose the NRP to complete my PhD for a variety of reasons. I completed my undergraduate degree at UEA and as a consequence of this I was kept informed of the top class research papers that were constantly being published by researchers based at the NRP. In addition to this I was attracted to the fact that the NRP is a collaboration of institutions therefore generating many opportunities for contacts to be made and experience with world class research leaders to be gained. Another attractive attribute, which influenced my choice, was the internship that the DTP scholarship offered. By being given the opportunity to gain experience in an unrelated internship this enables me to broaden my CV inevitably making me a strong candidate for any prospective employer.