“I was drawn to the JIC by its international reputation in Plant Sciences, as well as the opportunity to work in an institute with a strong research focus.”

Project: Increasing legume nitrogen fixation to feed the world.
Supervisor: Dr Mark Banfield (JIC)

At school I always had a keen interest in science, particularly biology, but didn’t know which field I wanted to go into. This led me to choose the Natural Sciences course at the University of Cambridge. Over the three years during which I gained my BA I became increasingly interested in both plant and microbial science, particularly the biochemical side.

I have always enjoyed the practical side of science, and so I decided to gain experience in research by doing a summer project at Harper Adams University College. After this I decided that I definitely wanted to continue with research, something that was confirmed after completion of my 3rd year undergraduate project.

I have also always been fascinated by symbiosis and the way that different species interact with each other. The project that I am doing combines my interests within biology, as well as having a basis in food security – an issue that is growing in importance due to an increasing global population.