Dominic Rodrigues

Project: Bacilliredoxins and bacillithiol: Unique redox systems amongst the Bacilli
Supervisor: Dr Chris Hamilton

I completed my undergraduate studies obtaining a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy. It was in my final year research project I realised my real interest in research. I had conducted research in an area of study investigating a recently discovered co-factor found in Gram-positive bacteria – bacillithiol. I believe that in the future this co-factor may have significant relevance in the medical, agricultural, environmental fields and particularly in antibiotic resistance.

It has always been my desire to continue research into the study I had undertaken in my final year project and I welcomed the opportunity when the position was advertised. I look forward to working as a postgraduate researcher through the NRPDTP programme and I feel that the strong foundations to the structure of the programme will give me the ideal skills in becoming an effective researcher and also creating opportunities in my future career.