Danielle Blackwell

Project: Using the conditional Talpid3 mouse mutant to investigate the role of the primary cilium in skeletal muscle progenitors and stem
Supervisor: Professor Andrea M√ľnsterberg

Whilst studying Animal Science at the University of Nottingham I had the opportunity to complete a summer research project funded by the Wellcome Trust. It was during this 8 week placement that I decided I wanted to embark on a career in research. Throughout that placement and during my research project I found a passion for developmental biology and decided to undertake a PhD in this area.

I was attracted to doing a DTP PhD as it includes a 3 month internship in a field unrelated to my research. Another aspect of science I am particularly passionate about is science communication and public perceptions of science. I
therefore hope to do an internship with a science media organisation. This internship will give me valuable experiences in another professional environment.

My project is to look at the effects of the Talpid3 deletion in development but also in an adult model, this will allow me to develop research skills using embryos and adult animals.