Cristina Gherghisan-Filip

The BBSRC DTP is attractive especially as it includes an internship. The NRP offers an interactive and interdisciplinary environment that makes my PhD project intellectually stimulating and engaging.

Project: Engineering novel antimicrobials to target gut pathogens
Supervisor: Dr Arjan Narbad

Having become fascinated by science, I went to UEA where I completed a MChem degree in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry with a Year in Industry. Having obtained a Wellcome Trust Scholarship for my summer internship followed by an industrial placement, I was able to take the informed decision to further my career as a scientist and study for a PhD. During my master project at JIC, I was able to appreciate the state-of-the-art research and teaching facilities, which foster permanent collaboration among various groups across NRP.

I chose a PhD project at IFR because I am inspired by the wealth of knowledge and training I can gain over my postgraduate studies. The PhD topic involves discovering and developing new antibiotics to improve food safety and human health, particularly peptide based antimicrobials, known as lantibiotcs, such as Nisin. The work is in collaboration with Professor Mervyn Bibb at the John Innes Centre and Dr Boyan Bonev from University of Nottingham.