Claire Bushell

The strong research community at the JIC makes it a brilliant place to start a career in science. I also have the opportunity to undertake the internship, allowing me to gain extra experience.”

Project: Development and Evolution of Leaf Shape in Carnivorous Plants.
Supervisor: Professor Enrico Coen (JIC)

After developing a keen interest in Plant Biology during my A-levels, I moved to Norwich to study at the University of East Anglia where I completed my BSc in Biological Science. During my studies I was able to explore research in a number of plant science laboratories and after undertaking a summer research studentship at the University of Exeter I decided that I wanted to continue my studies with a PhD.

During my studies I became particularly interested in plant developmental biology which led me to my current research project, working on the development of the bladder like traps of the carnivorous plant Utricularia. These traps are modified leaf structures and therefore provide an interesting model to test key underlying principles of leaf development in a wider context. My work will combine imaging, molecular biology and modelling to elucidate the mechanisms by which trap development occurs.