Alex Calderwood

The wide range of expertise in all aspects of plant biology, and especially the close collaboration between computational and biological groups makes the John Innes Centre the ideal place to study“.

Project: The Mathematics of Sulphur Metabolism
Supervisor: Dr Richard Morris (JIC)

For my first degree I chose the Natural Sciences course at Cambridge, where I studied cellular biology and chemistry. However I soon realised how exciting more potentially applied aspects of biology are, and switched to the BA in Plant Sciences.

I then studied for a Masters in Molecular Microbiology at Newcastle University, where serendipitously I took a module in Systems Biology. I found this still emerging field to be extremely exciting, particularly its potential for developing new ways of understanding and exploiting plant metabolism.

The DTP PhD programme seems an obvious fit for me. I am looking forward to my professional internship which I hope will give me the opportunity to develop a more holistic view of the pipeline for transferring plant science discoveries from the laboratory to the real world.