Student Biographies

Find out more about some of the past and present students studying with the Doctoral Training Partnership.

  • Lucy Burrows

    Project: Coiled-coil proteins as nano-wire scaffolds for in vitro and in vivo synthetic biology applications

  • James Large

    Project: Machine learning algorithms for detecting fraudulent alcohol

  • Agatha Treveil

    Project: Networking Bifidobacterium: integrating omics modelling and experimental validation to understand beneficial traits

  • Elizabeth Chapman

    Project: Balancing the genetics of source and sink to increase productivity of bread wheat

  • Lucka Bibic

    Project: Probing the hidden secrets behind G-protein Coupled Receptor Dimerization

  • Sophie Bennett

    Project: Biogenesis of nitrous oxide reductase - a key enzyme in controlling climate change

  • Ben Kirkup

    Project: The role of endothelial integrins in the angiogenesis of bone

  • Seema Ali

    Project: The role of purinergic signalling in adipocyte differentiation and adipose inflammation.

  • Sam Ellis

    Project: Adaptation of enteroaggregative E. coli to the human gut

  • Mabon Elis

    Project: Evolution of genomic islands through plant-pollinator interactions.

  • Tharsini Sivapalan

    Project: How does dietary sulforaphane maintain cellular homeostasis and help promote health?

  • Sam Rowe

    Project: Solar Powered Microbes for Renewable Hydrogen

  • Danielle Blackwell

    Project: Using the conditional Talpid3 mouse mutant to investigate the role of the primary cilium in skeletal muscle progenitors and stem

  • Rachel Prior

    Project: Really going for growth: identifying targets of an ubiquitin signaling cascade and their role in determining organ and seed size

  • Janice Layhadi

    Project: Role of pro-inflammatory P2X4 receptor as a target for statins in cardiovascular diseases

  • Rebecca Lo

    Project: Developing synthetic biology tools to manipulate antibiotic production