Applying next generation genetic approaches for trait discovery in the commercial vegetable industry


This is an exciting opportunity for a PhD student to help give herb crops an unprecedented commercial makeover, using cutting-edge genetics and bioinformatics approaches.

Having a fully assembled genome is no longer the reserve of a few model organisms or major crops. This opens the way for translation of next generation genetic approaches to less well-resourced crops, so called “orphan crops”.

This PhD project is a collaboration between the Earlham institute and Elsoms Seeds Ltd. It aims to use recently generated genomic resources for commercial herb crops, belonging to the carrot and parsley family (Apiaceae), to investigate the genetic variation driving phenotypic variation in traits associated with flowering.

This PhD will provide training to cultivate expertise in bioinformatics, genomics, plant genetics and flowering. It will also provide experience for the student in a commercial breeding programme and working with growers. 

The student will be based at the Earlham Institute on Norwich Research Park, a centre of excellence for genomics and data-driven research with cutting edge sequencing and computing facilities and excellent scientific training.