Student Stories

As part of the programme students undertake a 12 week professional internship (PIPS) in an area unrelated to their PhD. CASE students are also required to spend at least 12 weeks with their CASE partner. The following case studies are an example of the experiences that our students have had whilst on their placement.

  • Elizabeth develops array of skills at The British Quinoa Company

    Elizabeth Chapman | John Innes Centre

    Elizabeth Chapman, a PhD student at the John Innes Centre, undertook her internship at The British Quinoa Company from January to March 2017, during the 2nd Year of her PhD studies. The British...

  • Claire develops her business skills with internship at Santander

    Claire Hews | University of East Anglia

    Claire Hews, a student at the University of East Anglia, wanted to experience a role outside of academic research, with the aim of learning how the skills that she develops during her PhD could be...

  • Melissa gains business experience with a PIPS at Hethel Innovation

    Melissa Stewart | University of East Anglia

    Melissa Stewart, a student based at UEA, undertook her internship at Hethel Innovation after finding out about the company at the Employer Forum. Hethel Innovation is a business and innovation...

  • Toby Buttress reaps the benefits at RAGT Seeds

    Toby Buttress | John Innes Centre

    Toby Buttress, a PhD student at the John Innes Centre, undertook his PIPS placement at RAGT Seeds Ltd, after having spoken to them at the annual Employer Forum. Toby found the Employer Forum a...

  • Emma secures a valuable internship experience at the Employer Forum

    Emma Mckechnie-Welch | John Innes Centre

    Emma Mckechnie-Welch, a student at the John Innes Centre, went to the PIPS Employer Forum with the hope of finding an internship where she could develop her science communication skills, as she did...

  • Robert Johnson takes his science and creativity to Norwich Castle

    Robert Johnshon | University of East Anglia

    Rob Johnson, a DTP student in the School of Biological Sciences at UEA, undertook his PIPS placement at the Norwich Castle Museum. Rob undertook his placement over the summer of his second year...