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26 / 09 / 2018

Understanding and evolving enzyme function (WILKINSON_J19DTP2)

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Being ever thrifty, Nature commonly re-purposes (evolves) the functionality of enzymes used in the biosynthesis of valuable natural products for new tasks. A common example involves altering substrate specificity to produce new variants of a rare chemical type. Such enzyme families represent an intriguing opportunity to study protein evolution, and they represent environmentally friendly catalysts for the (bio)chemical synthesis of high value chemicals.

The studentship will investigate this process with the ultimate goal of bioengineering enzymes to carry out new functions, enabling the production of valuable new 'non-natural', natural products for use in medicine, for example as new antibiotics.

The successful candidate will have access to cutting-edge research facilities as well as a stimulating research and training environment. They will be part of an interdisciplinary team and through the project will gain an excellent foundation in protein evolution, molecular microbiology, x-ray crystallography and synthetic biology.

The combination of skills and experience provided by this studentship will make the successful candidate highly employable in academia or industry.