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26 / 09 / 2018

Salmonella viruses as biocides in the food industry (KINGSLEY_Q19CASE)

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A safe food supply for humans and animals requires innovative approaches to exclude bacterial pathogens such as Salmonella from food and feed. The use of naturally occurring bacterial viruses called bacteriophage to kill bacteria in the food chain and processing environments is an exciting area of innovation. Rationale design and implementation of such approaches require scientific knowledge of the genetic diversity of the bacterial host and bacteriophage, to identify potential mechanisms of resistance. At the Quadram Institute Bioscience we are investigating the genomic diversity of bacterial pathogens in the food chain, and this project will integrate with these efforts by discovering and analysing bacteriophage that can be used to eradicate these pathogens from food and food processing environments. In this project you will learn to use cutting edge whole genome sequencing, bioinformatic and molecular microbiology technologies to investigate the mechanisms of killing and resistance of Salmonella by novel bacteriophage. In partnership with a leading food processing company, intervention strategies aimed at excluding Salmonella from food will be developed and tested in a model factory in the lab.

This studentship would suit applicants with an interest in developing skills in cutting edge fundamental scientific research with significant component of applying their research to Industry processes. The student stipend will be supplemented by a generous contribution from the Industry partner.