We are currently advertising the following CASE studentship for October 2019 start. Information on deadline dates and how to apply can be accessed via the project details.

18 / 03 / 2019

ReStrain: Discovery of markers of a healthy gut microbiome through computational and experimental means (academic-industry collaboration) (HILDEBRAND_Q19CASE2)

how to apply

We are looking for a highly motivated and practically minded student, to work at the interface between bioinformatic hypothesis derivation and experimental validation. The newly founded Hildebrand group and established Juge group investigate bacterial communities through metagenomics and functional genomics approaches at the Quadram Institute Bioscience / the Earlham Institute, leading research centres in food, gut biology and genomics, on the Norwich Research Park. The industrial partner, Eagle Genomics, is a world leading expert in data mining and knowledge discovery located in Cambridge, where the student will be located for several months. The ideal candidate will have experience in computational biology (Linux environment, R/Perl/Python) and be familiar with molecular microbiology techniques. The student will present his/her work to relevant International meetings. The student will receive additional training in computational biology, statistical knowledge discovery, machine learning, bacterial metabolism and molecular biology. 

Metagenomics is the description of all microorganisms in a given sample. In this PhD project, the student will work with large datasets of human gut metagenomes, deploying and optimizing already developed pipelines. The candidate will explore bacterial associations to health and disease and will gain expert knowledge in the highly resolved phylogenies as well as mobile genetic elements within the human gut microbiome. If you identify yourself as someone interested in metagenomics and bacterial functional genomics, mechanisms of host adaptation and understanding how bacteria influence human health, with an interest to get to know both industry and academia, then this PhD project will be right for you.