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26 / 09 / 2018

Novel microbiome based biomarkers of poultry gut health (NARBAD_Q19CASE2)

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The animal gastrointestinal tract contains trillions of microbes that play a critical role in their health and wellbeing. Poultry birds reared under intensive conditions are exposed to environmental stresses that disturb their gut microbiome and adversely impact on their health.  This studentship will investigate the impact of environmental stresses on the structure and function of the gut microbiome as well as on the immune status with the objective of identifying novel biomarkers of poultry gut health.

This will enable selection of birds that can withstand these stresses and also identify vulnerable populations before they succumb to the negative impact of stresses on the bird performance and welfare. Ultimately this project can potentially reduce loss of birds, improve feed conversion and reduce cost associated of veterinary drugs required for disease treatment. Reduction in therapeutic use of antibiotic will contribute adressing the global concers of antibiotic resistance in the environment.

The student will be hosted in the new Quadram Institute(QI) with state-of-the-art facilities for microbiome research. The project will provide stimulating academic research and training environment in QI as well as in the Department of Zoology, Oxford University where the student will undertake Immunology experiments under the supervision of Prof Adrian Smith. Student will also gain experience of industry relevant research provided by the CASE partner Aviagen with their headquarters in Edinburgh. The student will acquire excellent training in gut microbiology, microbial ecology, immunology and animal welfare studies that will make the candidate highly suitable for employment in academia or industry.