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26 / 09 / 2018

Bioengineering of intestinal organoid 3D culture system (SAEED_U19DTP)

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In healthy gut, epithelial tissue homeostasis is underpinned by a population of adult stem cells that possess multipotency and self-renewal. Adult stem cells can also regenerate damaged tissues in response to cellular stress thereby restoring organ homeostasis and preventing disease. There is thus intense interest in understanding the molecular, biochemical, cellular and mechanical regulation of adult stem cells, which has been boosted by the emergence of 3D organoid culture systems. 

This project aims to develop fully-defined synthetic and optimisable microgel system to culture and expand intestinal stem cells into 3D culture organoids. Furthermore, the project will investigate the mechano-transduction and biochemical signals and their role in the development of the 3D organoids. Finally, the project will elucidate the molecular basis of the cellular transductions and their consequences for intestinal cell biology and organoid growth. 

This project builds on recent successes in fabrication of microbeads, development of novel cellulose based hydrogel and development of intestinal 3D organoid culture system. The successful applicant will be a talented research with an enthusiasm for biomaterials and stem cell biology. The applicant will develop multidisciplinary skills in polymer chemistry, biomaterials, 3D scaffold, stem cell biology, differentiation and understanding molecular basis for stem cells cellular responses. Research will be performed within a vibrant and dynamic environment in the laboratories of Drs Aram Saeed, Mark Williams and Prof Yaroslav Khimyak.