Isabel experiences tutoring at an International Research School in Russia


At the end of June, the DTP PhD student Isabel Diez Santos, participated as a tutor in the 12th International Research School (IRS) that was hold in Kaluga, Russia.

The IRS is a summer school that aims to gather children from everywhere around the world to do short research projects. Isabel, along with another PhD student from The Sainsburys Laboratory, Neftaly Cruz Mireles, developed and led a project on biochemistry ( They had nine students from Russia, Thailand, Mexico, Iran, Italy and Slovenia who investigated how humans digest carbohydrates. By the end of the project, the students designed and tested an in vitro model of the human digestive system and measured the activity of an enzyme present in the saliva, the amylase.

“IRS 2019 in Kaluga was a wonderful experience”- says Isabel. “It has helped me to improve my organisation and teaching skills as well as my ability to work in an international environment. Besides, there were plenty of activities, apart from the research project, in which the participants, tutors and organisers were together having fun. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone interested in science and education!”


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